Jarliet 157cm B cup small breasts short hair quiet sex doll-Gongzi


Gongzi is a cute and quiet girl, short, short brown hair, coordinated facial features, small breasts, slender waist, and slender limbs. She is not the best looking girl, but she is definitely the most pleasing girl. Her temperament is very gentle. Quiet and clean. She is a health manager. She often helps celebrities manage their bodies and regulate their diet, so she can see stars of all colors. She feels very happy. She is a star fan.


Bust (cm): 67
Lower bust (cm): 54
Waist circumference (cm):48
Hip circumference (cm): 77
Shoulder width (cm): 33
Arm length (cm): 47
Palm (cm): 17
Leg length (cm): 101
Foot length (cm):21
Mouth (cm): 13
Vagina (cm): 18
Backyard (cm): 16
Net weight (kg): 29.6
Gross weight (kg): 38
Carton packaging size (cm): 145*39*27