Jarliet 157cm B cup small breasts Asian face slim sexy real doll-Ling


Sex doll Ling is an Asian woman with long brown curly hair, willow-leaf eyebrows, peachy eyes, high nose, plump and rosy lips, medium height, slender figure, small breasts, thin waist, straight legs, she She is an ordinary beauty, but her eyes are very charming, which is one of the biggest highlights of her body. Her temperament is very gentle, like her personality, careful and quiet. She is a housewife who takes care of her home. Especially good, she is very good at storing things and tidying up the house.


Cup: B
Bust (cm): 67
Lower bust (cm): 54
Waist circumference (cm): 48
Hip circumference (cm): 77
Shoulder width (cm): 33
Arm length (cm): 47
Palm length (cm): 17
Leg length (cm): 101
Foot length (cm): 21
Mouth (cm): 13
Vagina (cm): 18
Backyard (cm): 16
Net weight (kg): 29.6
Gross weight (kg): 38
Carton packaging size (cm): 145 * 39 * 27