Jarliet 151cm C-cup medium breasts pure loli sex doll Emma


Emma is a Japanese woman. She looks like the loli heroine in Japanese anime. She is cute and pure. In reality, her appearance is much younger than her actual age. At least she is an adult. She has a boyfriend,and have been in love for 5 years, but finally broke up. Because her boyfriend met her at the Comic Con, so she didn’t touch anything about anime anymore. Now she wants to make another boyfriend. Do you like the type?


Bust (cm): 75
Lower bust (cm): 56
Waist circumference (cm): 52.5
Hip circumference (cm): 78
Shoulder width (cm): 34
Arm length (cm): 44
Palm (cm): 17
Leg length (cm): 95
Foot length (cm): 21
Mouth (cm): 13
Vagina (cm): 13
Backyard (cm): 16
Net weight (kg): 29.9
Gross weight (kg): 36
Carton packaging size (cm):140*38*27

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