Jarliet 133cm A cup flat chest brown hair short sex doll- Xun


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Sex doll Xun is a small sex doll. Her facial features look a bit immature, very much like a loli. Her breasts are small, and she feels like a woman who has not developed successfully. In fact, she is an adult, but because she has been The model, long-term makeup, caused her body to stop growing. Although she is very inferior, she is more confident on the surface to conceal her inner inferiority. She is still looking for a doctor and has not given up on herself.


Bust (cm): 67
Lower bust (cm): 60
Waist circumference (cm):61
Hip circumference (cm): 77.5
Shoulder width (cm): 30
Arm length (cm): 36
Palm (cm): 17
Leg length (cm): 80
Foot length (cm):20
Mouth (cm): 10
Vagina (cm): 13
Backyard (cm): 10
Net weight (kg): 24.1
Gross weight (kg): 29
Carton packaging size (cm):125*34*26