Irontech Sex Doll 155cm Transexual Shemale Sex Doll - Mia

Irontech Sex Doll

Mia is a transsexual. She looks like a beautiful woman with delicate facial features. In fact, if you take off her clothes, you will find that she not only has a woman's breasts, but also a man's huge penis under the skirt. Mia likes to have sex with many people at the same time, which can stimulate her body more. She also likes to take many pictures. For her, her body is a work of art.

Brand Irontech Doll
Material TPE With Metal Skeleton Inside
Height 155 cm
Shoulder Width 33 cm
Bust/Band/Waist 74 cm / 63 cm / 57 cm
Hipline 82 cm
Thigh 51 cm
Calf 31 cm
Arm Length 54 cm
Leg Length 88 cm
Feet Length 20 cm
Mouth/Anus/Vagina 13 cm / 15 cm / 17 cm
Net Weight 30 kg