Irontech Japan 163cm small breast real sex doll tpe sex doll real sex doll-Mixu

Irontech Sex Doll

Mixu is a Japanese girl. She has black hair, round face, big eyes, and looks very pure and lovely. She has a slender figure, beautiful curves, small breasts, a thin waist and long legs. She is a very young and energetic girl, she is pure but quiet, she is a very popular sex partner, if you want, please contact us.

Doll size:

Height: 163cm
Bust: 86cm
Bust: 71cm
Waist circumference: 62cm
Hips: 94cm
Thigh line: 51 cm
Calf: 31 cm
Arm length: 67cm
Leg length: 88cm
Foot size: 22.5 cm
Weight: 36kg