Irontech Doll 105cm Starter Series TPE Mini Sex Doll For Sale - Sally

Irontech Sex Doll

Irontech Doll Starter Series TPE Mini Sex Doll - Sally 105cm for sale !

Mini sex dolls are not tall and light in weight. They are easy to move, use and manipulate, so they are very popular among doll lovers and pedophiles. Unfortunately, mini sex dolls cannot be shipped to some countries due to policies that prohibit the use of seemingly child sex dolls.

The starter series is the latest series released by Irontech Doll. This series is mainly small sex dolls with adult faces and petite figures, providing more choices for most mini sex doll lovers. Mini Sally 105 cm is one of them, she is sexy and cute, and the price is cheap.

Brand Irontech Doll
Height 105cm
Shoulder width 25cm
Bust 61cm
Lower bust 40cm
Waist 38cm
Hips 64cm
Weight 14kg
irontech doll 105 cm
mini sex doll face