Irontech 165cm Asian small breasts slim full size sex doll Yumi

Irontech Sex Doll

Yumi is an Asian woman with a typical Asian appearance, very soft facial features, a straight brown hair, a tall figure, straight and slender legs, and small breasts, but it does not affect her beauty. At the moment, she is wearing a suit. The low-key and luxurious V-neck dress looks very noble. Yes, she is a model. Her figure is very able to set off the clothes. The transaction volume of each piece of clothing she wears is very high.

Doll Measurements:

Breast line: 72cm
Waistline: 62cm
Hip line:88cm
Shoulder width: 36cm
Thighline: 45.5cm
Calfline: 29cm
Arm Length:67cm
Leg Length:87cm
Feet Size: 23cm

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