Irontech 159cm green sex doll Camille

Irontech Sex Doll

Camille is a little girl and she is wearing a green jacket. Do you know what green represents? Green represents vitality and vitality, and also represents a kind of vitality. She is thriving and you can rest assured. Because she is an adult, she is like a fresh flower, still very fresh, seduce this person to smell the fragrance of her body. She likes to radiate her charm, and at the same time she is a very attractive person. Would you like to start a date with her?

Size & Info
  • Height:159cm
  • Breastline: 87cm
  • Underbreastline:67.5cm
  • Waistline: 65cm
  • Hipline: 100cm
  • Shoulder Width:36.5cm
  • Arm:66cm Leg: 85.5cm
  • Thighline: 51.5cm
  • Calfline:33cm
  • Feet:21.5cm
  • Weight: 38kg

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