Irontech 158CM Heavy Bomb Huge Breasts Fighting Hamilton

Irontech Sex Doll

Hamilton is a character in anime. Does this anime girl sex doll awaken some good memories of your childhood? Now you can immediately own a sex doll and regain your childhood memories. You can see that every part of her body is very plump. She will definitely make you feel extremely crazy. You will indulge in her soft and elastic body and marvel at the magical creation of nature!


Parameter Name Parameter Details
Brand: Irontech Doll
Height: 62.2 inches(158cm)
Weight: 105 lbs(48kg)
Bust: 29.53 inches(75cm)
Waist: 26.57 inches(67.5cm)
Hips: 49.21 inches(125cm)
Arm length: 24.8 inches(63cm)
Leg Length: 34.05 inche(86.5cm)
Feet size: 8.5 inches(21.5cm)

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