Irontech Doll 150cm Fairytale Sex Doll Lifesize TPE Sex Doll - Victoria

Irontech Sex Doll

Victoria. A plain white gauze dress is also a standard show girl makeup, extremely elegant dress, the wind blows, it looks a little thin, but also contains a trace of sadness. The expression on her face was also a bit sad, no one knew what she passed by.

Brand Irontech Doll
Material TPE
Height 150 cm
Shoulder Width 34 cm
Bust/Band/Waist 70 cm / 57 cm / 53 cm
Hipline 85.5 cm
Thighline 48 cm
Calfline 28 cm
Arm 56 cm
Leg 78 cm
Feet 21.5 cm
Weight 27 kg