Irontech 145cm realistic brown small sex doll Viveka

Viveka is a smart and sensible girl. Her bangs look cute. She likes cute things. She is very young, but she is not very tall. And she is also very petite. The petite figure makes you want to protect her from outside harm. His figure is perfect, always exuding a seductive fragrance. You will let her live in your tender harbor forever. She will always rely on you and trust you. She longs to meet a knight and take her to experience the pleasure of sex. She is very obedient, and your masculinity will be greatly satisfied! Please take her home!


Height Full Bust Under Bust Waist Hips Weight Arm Length Shoulder Width Calf Circum Thigh Circum Leg Length Foot Length Carton Size
145cm 70cm 55cm 50cm 72cm 26.5kg 57cm 31cm 26cm 42cm 71cm 20cm 131.34.26

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