HR 158cm high quality sex doll HILMA

HR Doll

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Hilma, she is a very bold and cool girl. Since she was a child, her mother has always dressed her as a boy, which makes people imagine that she is an ideological boy. Her boldness made her very popular among men. But she is still a girl in clothes, but her dress will be cooler. She will show off her abdominal muscles and then match some cool jewelry. She has a very sexy figure and often masturbates alone. Her red hair makes her look very individual. She hopes that a man will take her home.

 You can kiss her soft luscious red lips or touch her in any way you desire, she will always say YES. A love doll does not have STDS or other health-related problems. And not even the best male masturbators in the world can compare to a sexy silicone girl. You can change her eye color for long kissing sessions, or switch for a new wig if you like redheads or blondes better. And most heads are interchangeable, so if you want to mix it up, just go for a different or more exotic look.


  •  Height - 5.ft 18 in./ 158 cm
  • Brand - HRDOLL
  • Bra Size : B Cup
  • Bust : 31.9 in./ 81 cm
  • Waist : 22.8 in./ 58 cm
  • Hips : 34.3 in./ 87 cm
  • Underbust : 28 in./ 71 cm
  • Foot Length : 8.3 in./ 21 cm
  • Arm Length : 23.22 in./ 59 cm
  • Shoulder Width : 13.4 in./ 34 cm
  • Weight : 86 Ibs./ 39kg
  • Vaginal Depth :6.7 in. / 17 cm
  • Oral Depth : 6.7 in. / 17 cm
  • Anal Depth : 5.1 in./ 13 cm
  • Package size: 148*42*30cm

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