ElsaBabe 150cm brown hair curly sex doll Kana

ElsaBabe doll

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Will Kana be your most loyal and sexy maid? This is a very sexy love doll, and the materials are very good. There is a layer of transparent mesh on the outside of her clothes, which gives you a light and elegant feeling. The shape is perfect, the skin is also very elastic, the playful face looks very cute and charming, very temperamental, if you like temperament, especially good sex doll, this will be your best choice!

Height(cm) 150
Shoulder width(cm) 28
Arm length(cm) 40
Waist circumference(cm) 50
Hips(cm) 79
Hand length(cm) 16
Thigh length(cm) 34
Thigh circumference(cm) 44
Calf length(cm) 42
Calf circumference(cm) 28
Foot length(cm) 21
Weight 27.5

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