ElsaBabe 102cm graceful big eyes sex doll Igawa Haruko

ElsaBabe doll

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The girl is tall and slender. Although her figure is not very tall, her figure proportions are simply perfect, strictly observing the golden ratio. A pair of dark eyes seemed to hide the abyss, and her face was clear and smooth. There are many people who like this style of real dolls. They are cute and flexible. If you like this lifelike doll, hurry up and buy it!

Measurement data:

  • Height: 102cm
  • Weight: 14.5kg
  • Bust:
  • 60cm (big breasted version)
  • 56cm (middle breast version)
  • 52cm (small chest version)
  • Hips: 60cm
  • Waist: 37cm
  • Body: the golden ratio of female characters in Japanese and Korean games
  • Vagina depth: 15. 5cm
  • Material: Platinum silicone