AS doll 164cm medium breast real sex doll Erica

AS Doll

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Erica. She is a bit fat woman. Because of the big breasts, when she was in bed, her upper body seemed a little fleshy. But when she is not wearing clothes, you will see her plump breasts. When you see her breasts, you will not be able to control the burst of male hormones in your body, which will make you feel very excited. If you feel this kind of impulse, please contact us to take her home. 

Brand AS Sex Doll
Material TPE
Height 164 cm
Bust/Band/Wasit 95 cm / 78 cm / 74 cm
Body 145 cm
Neck 30 cm
Shoulder 39 cm
Hip 110 cm
Arm 48 cm
Palm 20 cm
Leg 84 cm
Foot 25 cm
Mouth/Vaginal/Anus 12 cm / 15 cm / 12 cm
Net Weight 53.3 kg
Pakage Size 154 cm / 41 cm / 28 cm

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