AS doll 164cm medium chest realistic sex doll Camille

AS Doll

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Camille She is a fat sex doll. She likes cute things, she is very exquisitely dressed. It looks mature, a bit like a mother. Although this is not the feeling of young women, it can bring people a great sense of security. She has a lot of sex skills that will make you fall in love with her. If you like a more mature girl, then she will be a good choice for you, because the maternal charm of her body is irresistible.

Brand AS Sex Doll
Material TPE
Height 164 cm
Bust/Band/Wasit 95 cm / 78 cm / 74 cm
Body 145 cm
Neck 30 cm
Shoulder 39 cm
Hip 110 cm
Arm 48 cm
Palm 20 cm
Leg 84 cm
Foot 25 cm
Mouth/Vaginal/Anus 12 cm / 15 cm / 12 cm
Net Weight 53.3 kg
Pakage Size 154 cm / 41 cm / 28 cm

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