AS Doll 160cm Western Young Male Sex Doll-Aron

AS Doll

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Nick is an Western male sex doll with a height of 160cm. Both men and women are fascinated by his body. His young and handsome appearance hides his real sex animal in his pants, his sex The partner is 13-17cm. Anal sex and oral sex are things he likes to do. He always interacts with many people at the same time. After all, he is a male doll and he can be proud of his sexual organs.

Brand: AS Sex Dolls

  • Height:160cm
  • Body:140cm
  • Neck:28cm
  • Shoulder:36cm
  • Upper Breast:73cm
  • Under Breastï¼?7cm
  • Waistï¼?7cm
  • Hipï¼?4cm
  • Arm:60cm
  • Palm:13cm
  • Leg:78cm
  • Foot:20cm

  • Mouth:11.5cm
  • Penis:13-17cm
  • Anusï¼?4cm
  • Net Weightï¼?0KG
  • Pakage Sizeï¼?54*42*31

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