AS Doll |148cm(23.4kg) blonde Sex Doll-Elf

AS Doll

The most perfect curvy sex doll, height 148CM, weight:23.4kg, Elf is a blonde sex doll, and she is super sexy on the bed.she is waiting for a man to conquer her. She has 100 personality poses to try with you. Like her name, she is an elf with pointed ears, she is really beautiful.

Brand: AS Sex Dolls

  • Height:148cm
  • Body:130cm
  • Neck:28cm
  • Shoulder:34cm
  • Upper Breast:75cm
  • Under Breast:55cm
  • Waist:51cm
  • Hip:78cm
  • Arm:40cm
  • Palm:15cm
  • Leg:70cm
  • Foot:21cm

  • Mouth:12cm
  • Vagina:16cm
  • Anus:14cm
  • Net Weight:23.4KG
  • Pakage Size:140*40*28

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