AS 161cm C Cup Lifelike Sex Doll For Sale Phoebe

AS Doll

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Phoebe is a mature and sexy woman. She knows all kinds of ways to conquer men. Every man she associates with will be conquered by her and fascinated by her. When she is wearing loose clothes, her figure can also perfectly show the alluring taste exuding all over her body. Because of this, many men who don't know are attracted to her. When she interacts with men, she makes them feel comfortable in different ways. Phoebe is waiting for a man who can conquer her.


  • Height: 161cm | 5ft
  • Net Weight: 33kg | 72.5lbs
  • Upper Breast: 78cm | 30.7in.
  • Under Breast: 62cm | 24.4in.
  • Waist: 60cm | 23.6in.
  • Hip: 84cm | 33.1in.
  • Foot: 21cm | 8.3in.
  • Mouth: 12cm | 4.7in.
  • Vagina: 16cm | 6.3in.
  • Anus: 14cm | 5.5in.

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