AS 161cm C Cup Breast Real Life Sex Doll for Adults Rachel

AS Doll

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Rachel is a woman who was taken away by a rich family. She has golden hair. She works as a servant in a rich family, and now she is forced to leave the house because the rich family no longer needs a maid. She needs a place to hold her now. She is really cute, and she thinks that if someone can accept her, she can serve as a shelter. She was waiting for a man to take her home.


  • Height: 161cm | 5ft
  • Net Weight: 33kg | 72.5lbs
  • Upper Breast: 78cm | 30.7in.
  • Under Breast: 62cm | 24.4in.
  • Waist: 60cm | 23.6in.
  • Hip: 84cm | 33.1in.
  • Foot: 21cm | 8.3in.
  • Mouth: 12cm | 4.7in.
  • Vagina: 16cm | 6.3in.
  • Anus: 14cm | 5.5in.

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