Aibei Doll 158cm Mature Realistic Sex Dolls-Seiko

Aibei Doll

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Seiko is a mature and sexy little girl. Her body is soft and juicy, in line with the aesthetics of most men. No matter where you go, it will attract a large number of men onlookers. Her delicate face is presented in front of you, exuding a charming smell, which makes it hard for you to ignore her beauty. She pays great attention to her behavior, her every move is very normal, she is a delicate girl. Her outstanding ability and appearance do not lack suitors, but she is still waiting for someone to appear, hoping to find someone who truly loves her. Would you be that person?

Brand: AiBEI GIRLS Sex Dolls


  • TPE Sex Doll 
  • 5 ft. 2 inches tall (158cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral orifices
  • Steel Metal Skeleton full range and flexible joints


  • Bust: 31.5inches
  • Waist: 19.7 inches
  • Hips: 31.5 inches

Cavity Depth 

  • Vagina: 7 inches
  • Anus: 6.3 inches
  • Mouth: 5.1 inches



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