AF doll 165cm big breast sex doll Misi

AF Doll

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Misi is a big breasted girl with curly hair.  Her blue eyes are full of mystery, as mysterious as the sea. Her character is as hot as her red lips. Huge breasts and ass are her specialties. Her big breasts and buttocks are full of elasticity, and you will love them. Do you want this sexy big breasted girl? Hurry up and take her back to your house.

Size & Info
Brand: AF Doll
Head: 64
Waist: 51cm
Hips: 86cm
Bust: 91cm
Underbust: 62cm
Shoulder Width: 37cm 
Height: 165cm  (Head Included)
body Heught: 151cm
Leg Length: 85cm 
Arm Length: 58cm 
Neck Circum: 27cm
Thigh Circum: 44cm 
Calf Circum: 29cm 
Hands Length: 16cm 
Feet Length: 21cm
Weight: 32kg
Depth of Oral: 13cm
Depth of Anus: 16cm 
Depth of Vagina: 18cm
Material: TPE

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