AF doll 156cm huge breast black sex doll Candice

AF Doll

Her temperament and figure are very much like a celebrity. But she was born ordinary, she made a lot of money by her own efforts, and then invested this money in herself. So now she is very good, good figure, and connotative. She always thinks that the harder you work, the luckier you are, so for a long time, she has been working silently, just to take you well in her life in the future.

Size & Info
Brand: AF Doll
Head: 89
Waist: 52cm
Hips: 82cm
Bust: 118cm
Underbust: 64cm
Shoulder Width: 34cm 
Height: 156cm  (Head Included)
body Heught: 143cm
Leg Length: 77cm 
Arm Length: 61cm 
Neck Circum: 66cm
Thigh Circum: 28cm 
Calf Circum: 16cm 
Hands Length: 16cm 
Feet Length: 21cm
Weight: 34kg
Depth of Oral: 13cm
Depth of Anus: 16cm 
Depth of Vagina: 18cm
Material: TPE