AF Doll 170cm Big Boobs Sex Doll Chinese Curvy Sex Doll - Suhe

AF Doll

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Su He is a silicone head TPE body sex doll, a typical Chinese beauty. Cheongsam suits her temperament very well. She stood carelessly, like a well-painted lady's painting. Her every move reveals an elegant and intellectual temperament. She lives in a knowledgeable family and grew up since she was a child. Affected by her family, she is very popular in college because of her excellent grades and is the goddess of many boys.

Brand AF Doll
Material Extra soft TPE material body+silicone head
Product 170cm Fantastic Curves Realistic Sex Doll
Bust/Band/Waist 86 cm / 53 cm / 60 cm
Hip 95 cm
Shoulder Width 34 cm
Arms 60 cm
Legs 82 cm
Thigh Circumference 49 cm
Calf Circumference 29 cm
Hands 16 cm
Feet 21 cm
Vagina/Anal Depth 18 cm / 16 cm
Weight 45 kg
Standing Optional

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