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AF Doll

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Nima, a high-quality sexy love doll. She is the blonde pole dancer in the bar. Her sexy body makes men interested in her. Under the flickering neon lights, it is even more dazzling, making the man's blood spurt. Not only is the dancing hot, she will also conquer men with a very powerful posture in bed. ,

Brand AF Doll
Material Extra soft TPE material, articulated metal skeleton
Height 168 cm G Cup Sex Dolls
Bust/Band/Waist 93 cm / 71 cm / 56 cm
Hip 89 cm
Shoulder Width 36 cm
Arms 63 cm
Legs 88 cm
Thigh Circumference 45 cm
Calf Circumference 30 cm
Hands 16 cm
Feet 21 cm
Oral/Vagina/Anal Depth 13 cm / 18 cm / 16 cm
Weight 37 kg
Standing Optional

AF produces high-quality sex dolls at an affordable price that can't be beaten! Fantastic for first-time doll owners or anyone with a smaller budget, these dolls are excellent quality and beautifully designed, with a fantastic price point.

We have access to the full range of AF dolls, so if you can't find the doll you're looking for here, be sure to contact one of our friendly team members.

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