AF Doll 167cm Chinese Adult Sex Doll Realistic TPE Sex Doll - Sophie

AF Doll

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Sophie is a realistic Chinese style TPE sex doll. Her eyes are like stars in the sky, giving people a very romantic feeling. The pale skin, like white clouds, made people couldn't help but look at it a few more times. The combination of stars and white clouds constitutes a perfect sky. She is like a pure and flawless sky, which makes people very yearning.

Brand AF Doll
Material TPE material body + Silicone head, articulated metal skeleton
Height 167cm D Cup Realistic Sex Dolls
Bust/Band/Waist 83 cm / 64 cm / 65 cm
Hip 89 cm
Shoulder Width 34 cm
Arms 63 cm
Legs 78 cm
Thigh circumference 45 cm
Calf circumference 31 cm
Hands 16 cm
Feet 21 cm
Vagina/Anal depth 13 cm / 18 cm / 16 cm
Weight 42 kg
Standing Optional

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