6YE 140cm D-CUP Korean Love Doll Rina

6Ye Doll

Lina, her figure is small and exquisite, but this does not affect her charm. Because she has big breasts and fat ass. The breeze is blowing on the clouds, the moon is selling happiness, and she approaches you from behind the galaxy. Xinghui sinks for you together, the world of the two of you is too sweet, sweeter than anywhere in the world. When she is lying on the bed, she will seduce you in the most charming posture, let you exude a masculine side, and you will find a confident side in her. If you want to experience it, please take her home.


  • Height: 140cm/4.6ft
  • Weight: 25.6kg/56.44Ibs
  • Breasts: 83cm/32.68in
  • Waist: 50cm/19.68in
  • Hips: 83cm/32.68in
  • Foot Length: 18cm/7.08in

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