6YE 138cm big breast lifelike sex doll Lucas

6Ye Doll

This type of Lucas is currently the best-selling sex doll! Her face accounted for 99%, and in the Chinese world, only 1% is what she does not have. Owning her is like owning the whole world, just like all the stars are hanging in the sky, and spring flowers bloom overnight.

She has a beautiful face, a full chest and a graceful figure, with a bumpy appearance, and a very realistic touch, almost the same as a real person. Look! She is wearing sexy clothes and flirts like you, waiting for you to take this real doll home, don't hesitate to order now!


  • Height: 138cm fat doll
  • Weight: 33GK Gross Weight: 39KG
  • Upper burst: : 87cm
  • Under burst: 63cm
  • Waist: 65cm
  • Hip: 95cm
  • Mouth hole length: 10cm
  • Vagina:
  • Anal Cavity Length: 13cm
  • Foot: 19cm
  • Arm length: 51cm
  • Long legs: 64cm
  • Thigh circumference: 51cm
  • Package size: Package size155/38/28cm
  • Package size: 155*38*28cm

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