150cm B-Cup Love Doll - 6Ye Sex Dolls - Dolly

6Ye Doll


Dolly is willing to be your most beautiful wife, she will love you very much. She will always be with you. The flowers in her ears showed her firm determination. She is a gentle person and she will always be by your side. Continue to join your life to make your life more exciting and interesting. All the girls standing in front of her are no longer interesting, Dolly always makes people quickly enter the atmosphere of entertaining.


  • Height: 160cm normal breast
  • Weight: 31.4KG Gross Weight: 38KG
  • Waist: 54cm
  • Hip: 89cm
  • Upper burst: : 77cm
  • Under burst: 54cm
  • Inner thigh length: 81cm
  • Thigh length: 43cm
  • Foot: 19cm
  • Neck circumference: 28cm
  • Vaginal: 17cm
  • Inner arm long: 58cm
  • Shoulder width: 37cm
  • Package size: 150*42*30cm



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