Will the realistic sex doll makeup be lost?

Will the realistic sex doll makeup be lost? - Tpesexdoll

For doll lovers, a realistic adult sex doll is not just a toy or figure, or a sex toy used only for sex. What do you think? They treat dolls like their wives or friends, because sex dolls are companions or friends who accompany them in life. Playing and talking with dolls, dressing up and making up for them is not uncommon for doll collectors and doll lovers.

In the sex doll online store, you can see a lot of beautiful doll pictures. Is this true? Has the picture been refined? It can be said with certainty that most of the pictures provided by sex doll suppliers are real. Some dolls look slightly different from the promotional photos, and this is for a reason.

  • The light, technique, and angle of photo photography may cause visual errors.
  • The figure, skin color and makeup of the dolls produced in different batches produced by the factory will be improved or adjusted.
  • Including the different body size required by the user's order, the customized skin color is different, and the requirements of each customer's head makeup such as eye shadow, lip color, eyebrow shape, eyelash shape, etc. are different, because these are based on the requirements of the user The adjustment may make the doll slightly different from the previous photos. The makeup of each doll is all done by hand, so it is impossible to be exactly the same as the promotional picture.

I have to say that the skin texture and facial texture of sex dolls supplied by top sex doll manufacturers are very real, comparable to real humans.

When you receive the long-awaited doll, it wears exquisite makeup and a smooth wig, whether this will make your eyes shine. But, don't be fascinated by the beautiful scenery in front of you. There is a problem to think about. Will the makeup of sex doll fall off? How long can her makeup last?

Realistic sex doll looks like a real person. People love beauty, so do dolls. This is also the focus of doll lovers. For this reason, we have specially written this article for you to answer your questions. Unfortunately, in the strict sense, realistic doll makeup will be lost.

We all know that sex dolls can be divided into two categories, silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll.

The makeup of real human Inverted mold silicone sex doll will not be lost or it is not easy to take off. What is certain is that the makeup of the TPE sex doll will be lost over time. A good silicone head sculpture is often S+ makeup, especially for real-life silicone sex dolls. The makeup of silicone dolls is almost "permanent", but it may fade over time due to poor maintenance.

Sex doll manufacturers use special makeup techniques to make cosmetics for silicone sex dolls. Taking off makeup is not easy. They can always stay for a long time. Of course, the premise is that you need to put them in the right environment. If the temperature around the doll is too high or too low, or exposed to the sun for a long time, its makeup will also be lost. Friction during use will also make it disappear. Most of our customers like to make up mini 100 cm sex dolls. Because this is what they really want in their hearts.

The material used for makeup of the doll when it leaves the factory is a special paint. Generally, it will not fall off. The friction will gradually fade with the play. However, please do not wipe hard when cleaning and use. Please pay attention to the wiping strength when using and cleaning. If you use too much force Causes eyelashes and pubic hair to fall off and fade.

Once the color is faded, it is difficult to repair. Baby friends can use cosmetics for makeup, but please choose cosmetics that are not high in viscosity and oily, otherwise it may cause difficulty in cleaning makeup. Please pay attention to avoid color fading (all abnormal operations caused Color fading and hair removal are not covered by the warranty. Color fading and hair removal can be repaired, but the baby friend needs to bear the postage and repair costs)

However, it is not so easy to lose makeup, which is a continuous process. With your careful maintenance, this process will take longer and longer.

When you own a adult sex doll, you might do some dressing up for it. But, do you really understand this? Makeup, tattoos, jewelry, all these can make the doll show a beautiful personality and make it unique.

But be aware that makeup can add extra realism to your sex doll. Most sex dolls come with moderate makeup, and you can carefully check the photos of a given doll before buying to judge how much. You may be able to request additional makeup on your doll. This cosmetic is "permanent" but may fade over time. You can also add your own makeup-if the original makeup fades, or you just want more! Some men (and girls) like thicker makeup, more lipstick or darker eyeliner, etc. Just like real women, makeup can almost make them look like a different person.

Note: You can use general store-bought cosmetics for your sex doll. You can apply most types of cosmetics on the sex doll. I prefer waterproof makeup and the effect is better.

The cosmetics applied on sex dolls are all special silicone coatings. They are odorless, non-toxic and not easy to fall off. But please don't wipe it hard, especially the eyeshadow, eyebrows and eyelashes of the doll. Otherwise, it may cause hair loss and discoloration. Once it happens, the buyer can make up the makeup under our guidance. However, the effect varies from person to person. If you want to change the appearance of your sex doll, some suggestions will be given to you. Powder cosmetics such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and eyebrow pencil work well on sex dolls. However, creams and liquid foundations are not easy to disperse on our dolls. When removing makeup, please wipe gently with mild soapy water or makeup remover.

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