Why You Can Choose TPESEXDOLL With Confidence

We are an authentic adult solid sex dolls supplier. We want to be your stable global supporter and partner.
We are an enterprise integrated factory and trade, specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling sex doll. We are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and great service.
We always make every effort to supervise the manufacturing of every real doll. 


First of all, we are a regular company with a definite office location and business license. We are headquartered in Hong Kong and have a branch in Shenzhen. We have established cooperative relationships with most sex doll factories in China and are the authoritative agent of these brands of sex dolls. (JY DOLL, AF DOLL, AS DOLL, GYNOID DOLL, SANHUI DOLL, 6YE DOLL, ELSABABE DOLL, JARLIET DOLL, etc.) You can confirm with these factories whether we are their real authorized agents.

Secondly, we support paypal and credit card payment. Credit card payment is also done through paypal, which fully guarantees the interests of buyers. If you do not receive the love sex doll for any reason, you can apply for a refund in paypal, and you will be able to get your funds back. We are a legal sex doll sales company and definitely not a scammer doing a one-off business.

Third, when your realistic sex doll is completed, we will take real pictures and photos for you. If you need, we can mark in the pictures and videos that it belongs to you alone, not stolen photos and videos. If you are not satisfied with you real sex doll, we can improve it according to your requirements, and we will ship it until you are satisfied.

Fourth, your information is kept confidential throughout the entire process. From the time you placed order to the time you receive the goods, your information will not be leaked anywhere.

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Here we will tell you order a real doll is easy.
There are various ways to browse through our huge collection of sex dolls on our website, but the easiest way is to search through our full collection. Once you've picked your favourite love doll, the rest is easy.

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