It's 2021, are you still using inflatable sex dolls?

It's 2021, are you still using inflatable sex dolls?

March 26, 2021

It's 2021, are you still using inflatable sex dolls?

The inflatable sex dolls are there in varieties. It is possible for anyone to find one that is more realistic or more enjoyable and they are capable of opening a totally new world for you.

Realistic inflatable sex dolls, as the name suggests, is a sort of inflatable adult product. Mostly made for men, though you can find some version for women as well. But most of these look more silly than sexy. It is necessary to inflate this type of love doll with a pump to take the shape of a person’s appearance. The other key parts of the inflatable doll are distinguished from the entity sex doll, the whole set of soft silicone or PVC manufacturing. Because it is inflatable, all kinds of postures are also limited, and the touch feeling is not as strong as a real silicone or tpe doll. It is more affordable though, making it a cheap alternative sex doll for those who can’t afford a full solid life-sized doll.

inflatable sex doll

The best thing about inflatable sex dolls is that you can deflate them and hide them easily when you do not want to use them. This makes transporting them easier and you will never worry about people knowing who your secret partner is.

Another advantage of inflatable sex dolls is that they are cheaper and lighter compared to the usual sex dolls. Cleaning them is also easy, you just need to follow the directions on the package.

However, their shortcomings are also obvious.

I think the biggest disadvantage is that it looks ugly. Whether it is a TPE inflatable sex doll or a silicone inflatable sex doll, the finished product is very ugly. The reason is simple, they are blow up sex dolls. It is not difficult to imagine its appearance and feel.

Maybe you have seen blow up adult sex dolls sold in stores on the Internet, and you will find that their common feature is ugly and not realistic. You should know that inflatable adult sex dolls have now been replaced by solid silicone sex dolls or solid TPE sex dolls.

solid adult sex doll

Regarding the difference between an inflatable adult sex doll and a solid sex dolls, it is obvious that, in a literal sense, an inflated sex doll is internally empty, needs to be filled with gas or air to present a human shape, and a real physical sex doll is solid with a metal skeleton and silicone (or TPE) material. The role of the inflatable sex doll used to be a sexual masturbation device, which achieves the physiological needs in the absence of sexual partners. Now it has become a gag toy at best, usually sold in local sex shops around the world.

As mentioned above, inflatable adult dolls fall into three categories: inflatable dolls, semi-solid dolls, and solid dolls. First of all, let's take a look at the cheapest and most often-inflated dolls. These inflatable love dolls need to be inflated to form a real person. The appearance looks a lot different from the real person. The posture cannot be changed, the texture is not too good and so incredibly bad smelling. The vagina is a vaginal mold similar to a real person if a real person was a balloon.

The so-called semi-solid dolls are actually the heads and the chests are fixed and do not need to be inflated. The semi-solid dolls are much better than the pure inflatable sexy dolls. But also much more expensive. At present, the semi-solid dolls of the most advanced semi-solid dolls have the function of water injection, and increase the elasticity of the chest, making it more like a real breast. But it’s still more of an idea, something that might work in a couple of decades.

In the end, the best is still the real solid silicone sex dolls. Let's take a look at these solid physical love dolls that have become a global sensation after the widespread success of Real dolls and WM dolls. The so-called solid sex doll is mostly made of an all-silicone material, which has a more real feeling than the inflatable love doll. The appearance of the solid sex doll is also much better than the appearance of the inflatable sex doll. It is almost like a work of art, a modern sexual sculpture, imitating a real person to an almost identical degree. Since the inside of the physical solid sex doll has a mechanical frame, also known as a stainless steel skeleton, it can be transformed and shaped into a variety of postures for you to use. Which is more versatile than a normal blow up sex doll that can’t really bend too much.

solid love doll

While in the west real silicone sex dolls are still a new thing and mostly popular in the USA, acceptance of physical sex dolls is getting higher and higher in the east. It is a good choice for people who want to pursue a high quality sex doll, regardless of their reason or motivation. The emergence of AI intelligent dolls makes people's requirements for real dolls higher. Not only men, but also women are showing interest in this wonderful machines as they will not only provide sexual relief but emotional support as well. Ordinary dolls can't satisfy the needs of many people who are seeking constant stimulation and excitement. There are already smart love doll manufacturers in the adult market. Intelligent dolls can have an intelligent conversation or dialogue. But is still a work in progress. As sexuality and adult toys still remain taboo all across the world (and illegal or unavailable to over half of the human population), there is very little investment in such technology.

The real sex doll is made of a high quality medical silicone material, which is environmentally-friendly and safe with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, excellent coloring, soft-touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance, and temperature resistant. The only downside of silicone or TPE sex dolls is the high price due to high-end TPE material (or silicone) plus the entire metal skeleton, mold design and development, head sculpture, etc., as well as company plant, equipment investment, the salary of makeup artist, sculptor, and molder, etc. The price of 1000- 2000 US dollars for real dolls are not that high considering these. The overall profit for the seller or manufacturer is even lower than that of inflatable sex dolls.

Blow up sex doll is made of plastic leather, PVC or other low-end material. They are super cheap to produce. Some inflatable adult doll merchants will advertise inflatable sex dolls in the name of realistic sex dolls or silicone dolls. So novice buyers need to be cautious and look at the weight of the product when purchasing.

Take real sex dolls, the material of which is very close to the softness and deformation of flesh. Joint deformation is perfect and the face can be very close to human, and can even be confused. Real dolls can stand and also can be placed in different positions, hands and feet can be bent to suit the needs of the owner. She also has the same characteristics as a lover with sexy, charming, and a beautiful curvy body. You can play with her at any time and treat her as your lover or even a friend.

realistic solid sex doll

Real solid sex dolls, the material of which is very close to the softness and deformation of flesh. Joint deformation is perfect and the face can be very close to human, and even can be confused. Real dolls can stand and also can be placed in different positions, hands and feet can be bent. She also has the same characteristics as a lover with sexy, charming, beautiful or that the body posts you. You can play with her at any time and treat her as your personal lover.

In short, the solid sex doll is the entire body, with no hollow components, so the volume is relatively large, and the weight is generally about 12KG to 40KG. For example, 165cm sex dolls, basically about 40KG (unless it’s a BBW curvy model), this is an adult’s normal weight if you take it as ‘dead weight’. The sex doll’s features and measurements are built according to the highest standards and made to mimic real women or men.

Small size sex dolls, on the other hand, are significantly lighter. Generally, they do not exceed 2.5 kg since they must be easy to carry. Unfortunately these dolls are hard to sell or buy in every country in the world. We predict that it will be even harder to design new models or sell existing ones, except for the BBW curvy models or those with more mature looking faces/bodies.

solid adult mini sex doll

Solid adult sex dolls and inflatable adult sex dolls have some common uses. All of them are suitable for a lot of people, such as coal mine boss employees, long-term military officers stationed at the border, a man whose wife is pregnant, divorced, white-collar workers, working-class, single, the lonely middle class or seniors.

As you can see, solid adult sex dolls are very realistic, right? So, in the case of single, in order to pursue a satisfying sex experience, it is still recommended to use a solid TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll. Here I recommend a website: There are all kinds of sex dolls, they have different appearances, different skin colors, different heights, and body types. There are even anime sex dolls and elf sex dolls. . . The big-breasted sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, and well-known brand sex dolls featured on the website are very popular and sold all over the world.

Keep up with the pace of technology and throw away your inflatable doll!

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